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David Wright's new album "The Lost Colony" Arriving May, featuring the Matt Howarth sci-fi novella.

This enhanced CD contains 68 minutes of new music by David Wright. And it includes the Matt Howarth sci-fi novella ‘The Lost Colony’ available as a pdf file.

David Wright’s unique style is perfect for this project because it helps capture the journey so vividly presented by Matt Howarth sci-fi novell. And because the adventure on the desert world is so expertly crafted by Matt Howarth, David Wright’s music is an interpretation not a soundtrack. So we are confident that you will enjoy both, because they work so well together.

“A colony ship landed on their target world but find it is not what they were led to expect. So life is a harsh struggle, a seemingly losing battle against the local environment. Because a glimmer of salvation arises, the colonists must overcome fatalism and so fight to support hope of survival”.

For more details of Matt Howarth’s works, please visit his website at

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