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‘Prophecy’ finds David Wright joined by vocalist Carys and extending his musical palette to a degree that may surprise even his most devoted fans. As is clear from the titles, ‘Prophecy’ has both an oceanic and a space theme, yet neither dominate the album. The structure is typical ‘David Wright’, but the music has a somewhat different feel, with the beautiful vocal textures of Carys adding another dimension; and with themes blending effortlessly together to the extent that they form a complete piece, one is unlikely to play only a single track from this album.

‘Prophecy’ incorporates elements of electronic, space, ambient and rock music that will reach deep into your psyche to induce visions of “A journey from the ocean to the stars”. Beginning with gentle ambience, the album builds slowly and evocatively to rhythmic and sequenced sections that ebb and flow through cosmic passages to the album’s dynamic finale.

David is expert at orchestrating simple ideas, and the evolving ambience and recurring synth themes contained here hold your interest from the start. The varied vocal input by Carys adds an almost spiritual dimension to the music: her plaintive whale cries, as part of the dense textured layers and as ‘lead’, are stunning, while the short, central spoken section is deeply moving.

‘Prophecy’ took over a year to record utilising a vast array of synths, deep ocean sounds and authentic space sounds courtesy of NASA.

David Wright | Prophecy | CD

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