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“Invisible Landscapes” is contemporary melodic chill-out of the very highest calibre and perfectly illustrates Steve’s grasp of melody, sounds and rhythms. It’s a completely different style and sound to Steve’s new age music debut on AD Music, “New Day”, yet it retains the core of Steve’s musical style with warmth and strong musical structure. It also perfectly illustrates how close the new age, electronic and chill-out music styles can be in the hands of such an accomplished artist.

The album sways between gently rhythmic, like the aptly named opener “Faith in Chaos” with its clever use of delicate sequences and sounds, and moody and melodic like the “The Crystal Womb”. The 13 tracks are varied and present a coherent “whole album” with some pieces being so strong thematically, you’ll be humming the tune to yourself afterwards, while others drift along purposely, displaying deep atmospherics and some nice ethereal interludes.

The strength of the album though is undoubtably Steve’s ability to mix his strong melodic sensibility with atmospherics, clever contemporary rhythms and a diverse sound palette, resulting in an album that engages the listener on so many levels that you’ll want to have the CD on repeat play.

Divine Matrix | Invisible Landscapes | CD

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