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On Horizon, their third album for Spotted Peccary Music, Frore & Shane Morris seamlessly blend organic and electronic sounds, fusing ambient synthesizers with tribal percussion and traditional instruments such as Navajo flute, fujara and Aztec death whistle. Horizon continues the celestial theme of their previous two albums, Blood Moon and Eclipse. For all time, the stars have beguiled, have evoked awe and wonder. Though these five pieces capture the grandeur of the skies, this album was named for its composition. The title Horizon inspires the joy of collaboration -discovery- as the exchange of ideas takes a composition to a beautiful and unexpected place.

This collaborative spirit extends beyond Frore & Shane Morris as three of their sonic influences join the next evolution of their sound. Shamanic ambient musician Mark Seelig plays the Indian Bansuri flute on "Agape," shamanic percussionist Byron Metcalf adds frame drum to the beat of "Ocean of Fire" and experimental ambient composer Dirk Serries lends dreamlike guitar to "Lost in Wonder."

Frore describes Horizon as a mixture of "past and present, ancient and future," and for all time the stars have beguiled. Ancient cultures looked to the stars for wisdom, for guidance, for signs from the divine. Now, scientists look to the stars for knowledge, for a deeper understanding of our universe, for humanity's next step. As tribal rhythms entrance the listener, ethereal synthesizers enrapture with the thrill of the unknown, with the promise of discovery--to capture perfectly the essence of the horizon: the place where earth meets the sky.

Frore & Shane Morris | Horizon | CD

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  • The Eye of Everything
    Lost in Wonder
    Ocean of Fire

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