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As regards bonus tracks; Warrior Rock, the b-side of Brave New World features as a bonus track alongside the 1981 single Thunder In The Mountains, the lead track from Four More From Toyah EP plus the shorter radio edit of the 1982 pop single re-recording of Ieya.^

The Changeling was Toyah’s follow-up album to the critically acclaimed Anthem. Although it has a similar overall sound, the band’s writing took a darker, almost gothic direction. Tracks such as “The Packt” and “Brave New World” take a rather dystopian although still hopeful view of the future, a theme which largely pervades the whole album. The Changeling was not released on CD until 1999, although this long-awaited release did at least include six bonus tracks, four of which were previously unavailable on CD, and the video for “Thunder in the Mountains”. On the CD reissue, the ending of ‘Angel & Me’ has been edited. After the song has faded out, the original vinyl version featured an echoed drum roll that resembled the sound of a door being locked – this was absent on the CD.

Toyah | The Changeling | HDCD

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Artikelnummer: EVSOPCD264

  • 1. Creepy Room    3:20
    2. Street Creature    4:01
    3. Castaways    3:57
    4. The Druids    3:31
    5. Angel & Me    4:47
    6. The Packt    4:52
    7. Life In The Trees    3:17
    8. Dawn Chorus    3:53
    9. Run Wild, Run Free    4:02
    10. Brave New World    5:31
    11. Warrior Rock    3:30
    12. Thunder In The Mountains    3:50
    13. Voodoo Doll    4:00
    14. Good Morning Universe    3:38
    15. In The Fairground    3:14
    16. Ieya 1982    3:46
    Video    Thunder In The Mountains (CD-ROM)    3:50

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