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The cosmic ocean beckons you... The lapping of interstellar waves calls you back to the Currents of Space...

Urban Meditation once again visits well-known areas that were first explored on his second album "Currents of Space." This time, the experienced space traveller is not alone... he brings an international exploration team - well-known audio experts from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Iceland, and Japan set out to dig deeper on his musical findings.

"Recurrence of Space" is the remix companion of the widely acclaimed 2019 album "Currents of Space." Made possible by the limitless reach of social media, this double album offers new interpretations by highly respected artists like Ambidextrous, Mick Chillage, Si Matthews, and Sven Kössler.

Urban Meditation | Recurrence Of Space | 2CD

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  • 1. Sven Kössler - Jet Stream (Re-Streamed) 13:28    
    2. Where No Man (Trance Inducement Mix) 09:26    
    3. Pushkin - Currents of Space 2 (Separation of Parts Mix) 18:13    
    4. Zainetica - Comet Trails (Rosetta Mix) 05:46    
    5. Futuregrapher - Currents of Space 3 (Surfacing Mix) 07:26    
    6. Ambidextrous - Stream of Stars (Reconstructed Variations) 07:46    
    7. Beta Consciousness - Cloud Surfing (Konvex Mix) 08:07    
    8. Olivier Thoral - Pale Blue Dot (Vivid Blue Dots Mix) 06:40    
    9. Dan Armstrong - Juno (Frontier Mix) 12:42    
    10. Si Matthews - Cosmic Shores (Words of Wisdom Mix) 14:19    
    11. Canopy of Stars - Moons of Jupiter (Voyager Mix) 09:55    
    12. Darren McClure - Hidden Depths (Diamond Heart Mix) 06:05    
    13. Mick Chillage - Cassini (Huygens Probe Mix) 13:28    
    14. Rayspark Industries - Solar Winds (Particle Mix) 12:00    
    15. Vudu Boss - Rings of Saturn (Bots Mix) 07:17

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