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"One day I was sitting in a café drinking my coffee and listening to some background music playing. The music was coming from a digital source and due to poor connection, the sound was stopping occasionally and then resuming after a short pause. One of those pauses came right in the middle of a Fugees song and this "glitch machine" turned "Ready or Not" into "Radio… Not". "Okay", I thought, "this could be a cool title for a radio station. But what kind of music should it play? It should obviously be something that a real Russian FM station cannot play in prime time in 2010s". Finally, I came to the idea of a "broadcast from a parallel world", like in the middle of a sleepless night you tuned to a non-existent station playing ambient techno and telling stories about music and space exploration." - Nick Zavriev 2019



Ambidextrous | Radio Not | CD

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SKU : FE11
  • 1. Arp In The Fridge 09:43    
    2. Saint John's Mood 06:30    
    3. Naukograd(Parts1&2) 12:04    
    4. School Of Dub 08:33    
    5. Tiangong 06:06    
    6. El Mundo Electronico 06:40    
    7.Short Wave Dweller 05:01

    8.Rainspotting 06:01

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