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The sounds used range from the synths of the 70’s through modern-day equipment. Production and mix-values rank very highly in Dan’s creations.
Dan has many influences, and draws as much inspiration as possible, but artists of note include the FSOL, Global Communication, Biosphere, Aphex Twin, Si Matthews, William Orbit, Speedy J, Sabres of Paradise, Bill Laswell and Chicane are but a few.


"Dan has the electro-buckets going on... Huge synth landscapes dotted with chill beats. Fresh and classic. Terrific work.Favorite track: Epsilon Wave." - Charles Urban


"Dan’s debut solo album of panoramic ambitronic beats is a stunner, orbiting the same sun as his friend Si Matthews but tracking its own distinctive path.
Less is more, with ideas and warm melodic lines that are not cast with thick layers of sound but sketched subtly, like spacious geometric shapes, sprinkled with little details that psychonauts like myself can’t get enough of.
All in all, we’re talking Global Communication levels of excellence here. Do. Not. Miss. Favorite track: Eta Wave." - Mike G @ Ambient Music Guide


Written by Dan Armstrong 
Produced & Mixed by Dan Armstrong 
Mastered by DA Productions 
Artwork by DA Productions

© All rights Reserved



Dan Armstrong | A Long Time Coming | CD

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  • 1. Alpha Wave 06:48    
    2. Beta Wave 09:30    
    3. Gamma Wave 08:33    
    4. Delta Wave 07:15    
    5. Epsilon Wave 09:15    
    6. Zeta Wave 10:24    
    7. Eta Wave 11:06

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