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Dave Brons' 3rd album is inspired by the Sea, Soil, Sky and JRR Tolkien's mythical places.

Over an hour of Celtic Prog music designed to transport you on a musical journey from the -coast of Middle-earth to the woods of Lothlorien, climbing the heights of the Misty Mountains and finally ascending to the sky on the wings of the Eagles to gaze down on the beautiful world below.

The Deluxe edition comes with beautful gatefold which opens up and reveals the CD and a full colour 16 page booklet, with a listeners guide, stories and composition notes about each track and lyrics.

*This album is not endorsed in any way by the Tolkien estate

Dave Brons | Return to Arda | CD

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  • 1. The Primordial Chord 01:04
    2. Song of the Sea 05:18
    3. When the Snow Thaws 05:56
    4. Beyond where the Waves Break 05:59
    5. Song of the Earth 05:00
    6. The Call of the Mountain 05:39
    7. Beren and Luthien 04:43
    8. Joy Beyond the Walls of this World 03:48
    9. Into the Woods of Lothlorien 02:48
    10. The Tears of Nienna 04:59
    11. On Eagles Wings 05:19
    12. Yavanna's Song 01:38
    13. Beauty and Starlight 04:20
    14. Gathering in the Clouds 05:21
    15. Last Journey across the Sea 02:37

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