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Soundscapes Vol 3 ‘Celestial Phenomena’ continues the Divine Matrix vision of deep ambient, electronic space music.

The opening drones and gentle piano notes drifts effortlessly to our ears like shooting stars on a magical night. The scene is set and each track presents a varied and beautiful soundscape. We are captivated by the gentle, mysterious and delicately evocative scenes.

This is not ‘new age mediation music’, but it could easily work as such, because the music is so gorgeously calming. It invokes the feeling of drifting through space with serene contentment.

Steve’s ability to continually conjures up these amazing musical landscapes with gentle sequences, intricate effects and multilayered pads is impressive. Technically the music sounds fresh and modern. And yet it recalls the halcyon days of classic 70’s electronic space music.

Divine Matrix | Soundscapes Vol 3 ‘Celestial Phenomena’ | CDr

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