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Equinox is a sound distillation from an idea created in 2019 that has taken definitive form in recent months as a serene, breathing, bright and positive long track. Distinct, undulating streams of synths create a silky smooth, emotionally caressing plot, slowly moving in gentle spirals of majestic chords. The mesmerizing, dreamy texture lingers for nearly 74 minutes to deliver a calming session of soothing back and forth, like a gentle wave of sound with a shimmering light. Powerful synthesizers make a statement of presence and unity throughout the piece, an atmospheric invitation to celebrate the passing of the different life stages. Here again, Max Corbacho excavates a sound sculpture based on honesty and independence as a distinctive mark from the beginning of his career as an ambient space producer more than twenty years ago. A piece for equanimity, hope and positivity, a synth meditation celebrating sonic alignment with life and wholeness.

Max Corbacho | Equinox | CD

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