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Originally planned as a single, the psychedelic Techno track “Pyramidion”
was recorded instead as the sister release to the studio album ‘The Hidden Step’ and was such a success that it remained in the band’s live set. The song was released as an EP with four live tracks recorded impromptu with high-quality equipment at Sheffield’s The Boardwalk, which was something fans had been requesting for almost a decade; the last live release being the Ozrics’ 1992 ‘Live Underslunky’. This first-ever LP edition of ‘Pyramidion’ is presented in a single sleeve.
For over 30 years, the Ozrics have experienced the vicissitudes of the rock and roll life. The band has flourished through several line-up changes, spawned several side projects, created their own record label, scored a hit record and sold over a million albums worldwide. And yet, the basic motivation behind the band’s existence has never wavered.
Their signature blend of hippy aesthetics and raver electronics with spiralling guitars, textured waves of keyboard and midi samplers, and super-groovy bass and drum rhythms continues to delight fans across the world to this day.

Ozric Tentacles | Pyramidion | Vinyl EP

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    Sultana Detril (Live)

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