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Attention audiophiles and ambient music enthusiasts, the Michael Stearns "Morning Jewel" CD, 2024 remaster, is a must-have addition to your collection. Originally released in 1979, this timeless masterpiece has been remastered for a new generation to experience its ethereal beauty and immersive soundscapes. Transport yourself to a tranquil and introspective sonic landscape with Stearns' mastery of electronic and acoustic instruments. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or creating a serene atmosphere in your home or office, this CD is a rare gem that belongs in every music lover's library. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic and meditative compositions of Michael Stearns with the "Morning Jewel" CD, 2024 remaster.

All copies are signed by Michael.


Embraced in 1979 by the burgeoning New Age & meditative music market, the album stands as a classic from the early era of Californian ambient artists.


It's been forty-five years since Michael Stearns released his third cassette, Morning Jewel. Quickly embraced in 1979 by the burgeoning New Age and meditative music market, the album stands as a classic from the early era of Californian ambient artists. It's a sublime sonic monument with two long-form pieces integrating natural sounds and minimal electronics in long quiet movements.

Stearns says, "The creation of this album came about from my curiosity and exploration of recording organic sounds in nature as well as an interest in microtonal tunings. Capturing the environmental sounds became a meditation and inspiration. Intertwining those sources with my music contributed a literal 'organic' quality to 'Morning.' Working with a microtonal scale and instrument brought the mathematics inherent in the natural world to 'Jewel,' lending it a more 'organic' feeling."

Stearns continues, "With today's amazing advanced digital audio technology and the help of mastering engineer Bob Ohlsson, the original recording and mix took on an exciting new life."

All Music Guide:A Michael Stearns classic. Recorded and released in 1979. The set has two long-form compositions, and each stands on its own merit. "Morning" is 26 minutes of natural ambience from an Arizona desert and a Mexican jungle. Stearns builds a soundscape of drones and melodic synths around the natural sounds. He tops it with acoustic music and wordless vocals. It is pure minimalism and natural relaxation music. "Jewel" is 22 minutes of warm bell tones created on Ervin Wilson's Eikosany with a chorus of female voices. Stearns' unique recording and processing techniques give the piece an electronic synthesizer sound. It is gentle, elegant, and mystically haunting. This music was completely unique in 1979. Modern minimalists like Klaus Wiese and Mathias Grassow create similar music in the new millennium. An essential CD.


Limited edition of 300 CDs in 4-panel digipak.


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Michael Stearns | Morning Jewel | CD | 2024 Remaster

  • 1. Morning - 2024 remaster - 25:55
    2. Jewel - 2024 remaster - 21:49

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