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Sven Kössler and Si Matthews release "A Constant State of Flow" on Fantasy Enhancing. In

Sven Kössler and Si Matthews | A Constant State of Flow

All aboard! In their debut collaboration, up and coming German musician Sven Kössler and highly acclaimed UK artist Si Matthews join forces to set you on a futuristic audio cruise. Melodies and counter melodies are the order of the day whilst you visit various ports of call throughout your journey. Setting sail with euphoric, beat driven pieces of electronic music that will stick in your memory long after they’ve finished, playing with the sounds of the changing tides before setting the acoustical ambience for discovering long lost places like the floating hills of Atlantis. As with all good voyages, the final sunset leaves you with a comfortable feeling of nostalgia, longing for the next trip with these two captains at the helm.A virtual cruise that is about to put you in "A Constant State Of Flow" - as it did with the two musicians while putting this timeless piece of music together.

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