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The new album from MO-DU from Fantasy Enhancing - MOD02-03. Pre order for May 2019

MO-DU | MOD02-03

MO-DU is Jan Jiskra. "With any type of creation you create what's inside of you, subconsciously that influences you. Anything that take you off into another world, escapism, thats what I like. I'm not so crazy about the reality of everything. I like a lot of fantasy, and that's what I try to create, to get away, to become moved"

Jan Jiskra is from Prague. Producing electronic music since 2001 using analog and modular synthesizers, drum machines and

effects... Also known as Moduretik or Neden Mastered by Sensorium All music composed, arranged, played and mixed by Jan Jiskra.

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