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Lee Norris (AOC, Nacht Plank, Norken) releases the Neotantra label. Now in stock.

Neotantra - Tantric solutions for ears

Neotantra | Tantric solutions for ears. A new label from Lee Norris, (Autumn Of Communion, Nacht Plank, Norken) leaning on Ambient, Experimental and Space music influences.

First 3 albums now available in store -

Futuregrapher & Eric 'The' Taylor - Effects Of Clouds (CD, Album, Ltd to 150)

Ambidextrous - Vision By Zero (CD, Album, Ltd to 150)

Wurrm - Apotropaic (CD, Album, Ltd to 150)

#Neotantra #Ambidextrous #LeeNorris #ExperimentalAmbient #Space #Wurrm #Futuregrapher #EricTheTaylor

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