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KLOOB | Unpedictable Signs | Out now from our friends over at WINTER-LIGHT.

After having released the very well received 'Remarkable Events' album on the Winter-Light label, 'Kloob' returns again with his new full length album 'Unpredictable Signs'. Through the use of voices, field recordings and synthesisers we are once again invited to dive deep in to the music of 'Kloob'. Initially the feel on this new work is of a much more minimal approach, compared with that of 'Remarkable Events'. However, once you begin to settle in to the album, you realise that the electronic terrains of 'Unpredictable Signs' are more subtly created and vast than on it's predecessor. Beautifully effected synth sweeps and lo-fi bass drones and rumbles, paint an infinite pattern of oncoming musical landscapes, stretching as far across the horizon, as the musical eye can see to.

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