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Andy Pickford's RadioSilence new release Newtons Cradle out now on Bandcamp

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

"There be a lot of changes going on with RadioSilence at the moment. Now, as far as this one, Newtons Cradle, is concerned, it again comprises of 3 monosynths being laid down as 2 performance runs. Firstly as a generative ambient trio, then as accompaniment thereto. I enjoy this as it takes on its own kind of subtle randomness which makes for great ear candy. My first go at this was in The Dark Days Inventions. This, Newtons Cradle, is somewhat more uplifting and positive in overall tone I think. I’m more adept with the programming, better with the tuning and have pretty much figured out what works and what doesn’t by this time. At the time of writing I’ve acquired a Korg Minilogue XD module which I’ve placed in the role of ambient backdrop synth, leaving the 3 monosynths to use purely as accompaniment. This has allowed me to shift RadioSilence into a purely performance realm. It’s a first for me because I’ve always utilised either a backing track of some kind, or a Paul Nagle ;-) Even the 90’s Maelstrom gig at Derby Cathedral wasn’t entirely live, although I think the Maelstrom album itself pretty much was. There’s a big difference here though. These free-form pieces stretch themselves out over a length of time which makes me look like I’m doing bugger all! Sure, turn a few knobs here and there, adjust things, tweak stuff etc. For me it’s also a relaxing, quite Zen approach to take. Where one thing impacts upon another thing, changes the resonance etc, make minute alterations to bring it back into place. This kinda results a in series of many tiny little serial alterations which bring you the sounds you hear. I manage to keep fit by burning an entire calorie and not falling asleep. Oh, the sacrifices one must make in order to stay ‘in the zone’ ;-) The Monosynths being used on Newtons Cradle are the Behringer Model D & Odyssey, plus the Korg MS20m. The vast cavernous reverb sounds come ℅ my own evil blend of Eventide Blackhole and Fabfilter Pro-R. At the best of times, RSi music can be rather dangerously hypnotic. It’s brilliant as ambient music to work to and as a cure for insomnia. Just don’t sit there with a cup of coffee thinking “I’ll just give it five minutes”, though. You can lose a lot of time this way! Imagine how many times I have to proof listen to it. No wonder I’m often seen staggering out the door rubbing my eyes! Having said that, I’ve also got into the habit of listening to RS on headphones last thing before bedtime. Mainly because if my brain’s misbehaving before the track, it’s too f**ked up afterwards to care :-D Thus far with the live performance shift which you’ll hear on the next album, nothing about the sound has changed radically. The Minilogue’s onboard fx sound equally as vast, albeit with lower quality definition as you’d expect. But this you can play to in the general sound design and feel. Does the LP filter stagger like a digital synth? Sure. It’s a bastard I totally loathe but it’s too swamped in its own fx to bother anybody. What I like about the synth is it self-tunes and saves presets. Beyond that, it ain’t remarkable but it does its job very well. The monosynths have their various favourite roles too. The MS20 does synth percussion like nobody’s business. The Model D recreates that famous lush bass sound and the Odyssey kinda plucks away all day being an Odyssey. The synths do tend to swap roles sometimes though, depending on what I imagine I’ll want. We’re all still in the grip of the Covid Pandemic thing. Don’t know about you but I feel things are a bit more under control now. We’ve lost some good folk and its f**ked up some others along the way. But perhaps some kind of normality will slowly return soon. It’s been a time without much clear guidance or direction. I just hope my admittedly prolific attempts at keeping you relaxed and disinclined to baseball bat valuable property, have worked to some extent! And breathe…. :-D" - Andy Pickford

released February 28, 2021

The new album Objective Linearity

by RadioSilence is also out now.

Released March 31, 2021

RadioSilence is Andy Pickford.



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