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Kilbey Kennedy "The Strange Life of Persephone Nimbus"

First I'd like to thank all my customers for their support of this album. It's been by far my best selling release to date on both formats and all the pre orders of the Vinyl were finally shipped this week, so thank you for your patience in waiting for this release to roll out. I'd also like to thank Martin Kennedy in all his efforts in the promotion of the album and putting his faith in my store for bringing this album to you this side of the world.

In a climate of struggle due to wars, megalomaniacs and the "same old story" it's refreshing to know that there are genuine musicians out there trying to put the world to rights through music. Not only that, but with little or no actual advertising other than the normal social channels it's quite a feat to get a following such as theirs. Personally I was only aware of their existence after the introduction of the "Inside we are the same" album.

The more I listen to this album the better it gets, it's just pure class all the way through. It just hits the spot with so many attributes to various genres despite the "Floydian" influence, it holds together very well indeed. If you like your rock with a conceptual feel to it (this is part 2 by the way, Jupiter 13 was part 1)

then you're in for an absolute treat. Steve's vocals provide the story in his own unique style while Martin provides much of the atmosphere and the two combined skill sets just launch this into classic territory.

For a further listen visit the Bandcamp link below...



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