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Martin Kennedy's "All India Radio" from Australia is releasing 2 new albums on 31st October.

Eternal and Aether are set to release on October 31st. For those not in the know "All India Radio" is Martin Kennedy forming one half of the outstanding Pink Floyd influenced duo of Kilbey-Kennedy from Australia.

All India Radio's newest studio album ETERNAL, the follow up to 2018's SPACE, takes an experimental left turn, venturing into lofi hip hop with elements of progressive rock and space rock without losing the signature dusty ambience.

About The Aether

The Aether was recorded alongside 'Eternal' and was originally going to be the second record in an epic double vinyl edition of that album. The idea crashed to earth when Pledgemusic went bust and I had to pair back my dreams of a multi-vinyl concept album.

So while The Aether now lives on as a separate release it remains musically very much a part of Eternal.

About Eternal

Eternal was inspired by the audio and visual aesthetics of lost 1970s electronic, progressive and New Age music. Albums by Spanish electronic proggers Neuronium, Alain Goraguer's soundtrack for the French animated classic Fantastic Planet, New Age artists (before New Age went cheesey) Michael Stearns, Steven Halpern and Pauline Ann Strom, post-Syd Barrett, pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd, to name a few.

The album art by UK artist Peter Knifton was originally used in a 1980 edition of the legendary Omni magazine and perfectly encapsulates the mood.



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