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Max Corbacho's new album "A Connection to the Wonder" Out now!

Quiet, slow-motion floating minimalism is one of the foundations in the music of Max Corbacho, explored in all of his previous albums. Connecting with that inexhaustible source of inspiration, A Connection to the Wonder reveals even more serene and gracious atmospheric interior spaces. Three long, deep sonic meditations make up Max Corbacho's new installment. Balanced carved resonations and dynamic sonic zones of transmutation, helping us to partake in an experience of beauty and honesty. Through his use of synthesizers and processors, Max's music connects with the magical reality of infinite moments in the present time, as the title states, "A Connection to the Wonder". The album travels on a mystical and revealing pilgrimage through immaterial layers of gracefully expansive synths and magmatic drones, that reach unfathomable depths, ending in a celestial journey of sweeping analog synth layers.



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