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Message from Dana (Lee's wife) at Fantasy Enhancing

Thankyou to everyone who has supported Lee's crowdfunding campaign.It has now reached it's goal in just 3 days. Absolutely incredible support.

Lee is still quite ill and it's my job over the next few weeks to get everyone orders out.

Autumn Of Communion and Lorenzo Montana vinyls have arrived.Lucette Bourdin boxsets have also arrived so there are a lot of things to get packed up and out of the door.Can you believe it took over 8 month for the Autumn Of Communion vinyl to arrive!!! Shocking really.

Ambidextrous and Dr Atmo cd's are also here and i'll be starting on them first this week so please be patient.Everything is coming but packing everything on my own with my friend will take some time with Lee out of action.

Grazie & ciaoo




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