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Mick Chillage "Between Moments" the latest release on his Before & After Silence Recordings label now in stock.

Mick Chillage - Between Moments
Mick Chillage - Between Moments

In 2018 I released "Between The Endless Silence" on Carpe Sonum Novum. This album was a collection of Improvised Piano based ambient works that I had created between 2015 to 2016.

Shortly after these works were completed and selected for the album I continued to work with this momentum of piano based improvisation pieces into 2017 where the body of what is now on "Between Moments" was pretty much completed.

The original five pieces clocked in closer to one hundred minutes of music which was way too long for a single CD release and I was very happy with how these pieces had turned out I waited until the right time came along to release on CD.

I put this project away [on hold] for some time but it was never forgotten and it would regularly pop back into my mind that I would need to complete it and arrange it for a CD release.

In 2022 I returned to it over a period of time and re-arranged some tracks to get it just under 80 mins, luckily no musical elements were lost and I was very careful not to loose any of the tracks emotional. atmospheric impact during the edits.

2024 I return to it again with fresh ears and fix some mixing details and issues. By early spring I'm very happy with the new arrangements, mix etc and decide this will be the 2nd release of 2024 on Before & After Silence Recordings. - Mick Chillage May 2024.

Mick Chillage Between Moments.

Listen here..

1. Between Moments Pt.1 24:32

2. Between Moments Pt.2 13:53

3. Between Moments Pt.3 13:19

4. Between Moments Pt.4 07:06

5. Between Moments Pt.5 18:37



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