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Mick Chillage new album release on Before & After Silence Recordings “MS-V-MS” now in stock.

MS-V-MS” was created back in late December of 2019 & released digitally in 2020. The track has been revisited for the 2021 release with some edits and arrangements & the addition of two new tracks that compliment the main long form piece.

“MS-V-MS” sees Mick exploring a tapestry of spaced out Acidic synth lines, haunting Ambient tones that shift & morph into passages of dark ominous analogue swells & Intricate poly rhythms with a driving industrial presence. Resulting in a flowing marriage of IDM intensity & otherworldly ambience.

The title track started out using just two analogue mono synths The Korg MS20 Mini & the Doepfer MS-404 hence the title. Other synths & various production techniques were used to complete the piece.

Credits - released April 27, 2021.

Written, produced, recorded & mastered by Michael Gainford

at the Igloo Dublin 2020/2021



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