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New album from Mick Chillage "Tides Of Melancholy" on his Before & After Silence Recordings.

The new Mick Chillage album "Tides Of Melancholy" CD releases on Jan 3rd 2022 just on the first anniversary of Before & After Silence Recordings in late December 2021 and it will be the sixth CD on the label. The album consists of five Ambient pieces of varying lengths, three of which were composed in 2021. The three pieces I composed in 2021 seemed to fit within a particular emotive narrative and sonic aesthetic. I saw a connection with the piece “Footsteps In Fog '' track three which I had written after the passing of Harold Budd in 2020, strangely at the time of writing the piece I felt it could possibly be part of an album at some point.



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