New Carpe Sonum titles arrive September..

A message from the creator of the 'OctA message from the creator of the 'Octopus', Mr Charles Uzzell Edwards...The main idea of this epic project is to present music that contains so much information in many diverse forms so that it all becomes one cohesive entity with an intelligence of its own.

CD £14.99

Massimo Vivona eschews his usual harder-hitting trance modes for this pillowy, contemplative, ambient space recording, his second for Carpe Sonum. Gone are the fierce ruling deviant beats and knife-edge basslines of his earlier Fax recordings; instead, Vivona lets his synth flag fly, and ascend it does, into the glistening heavens.

CD £14.99

Sometimes a single blob of paint is enough to trigger an entire work of art. Not only in painting, but - as now with me - also in music. The initial spark for the Album "For you, Humanity" by Dr Atmo, was a drop of paint on the floor of my studio, which resembled the painting of the same name by Tahir Salahov from 1961.

CD £14.99

Wes McDonald’s Faex Optim project presents his third release on Carpe Sonum, and as such continues true to form, a dazzling display for the senses that feels like it encapsulates the last 25 years of electronica with the greatest of ease. Fans of Boards Of Canada will lap this up.

CD £14.99


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