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New Yello album now in stock..."Point"

Veteran Swiss electro duo’s

immaculately tailored 14th.

Civilians will know Dieter Meier

(voice) and Boris Blank (sounds) best

for 1985’s rubbery Oh Yeah. But for

40 years they’ve been distilling an

addictive blend of Dada-esque synth-

pop. Point finds the mat the more

glamorously shadowed end of their

oeuvre,with their skittering rhythms

and machine-refined cineram as

building a virtual city of casinos

and crime scenes to get lost in. All

core virtues of sonic and narrative

particularity are in evidence – see

how The Vanishing Of Peter Strong

alights at the Zürich branch of David

Lynch’s Red Room– and fans will be

pleased by how often spectres of

vintage glories flit by, as when

Spinning My Mind echoes ’80s

triumph Goldrush. Yello’s uniqueness

remains absolute.★★★★

Ian Harrison - Q Mag 



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