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2 new titles from ...txt this week. Spuntic "Silent Escape" and Laroth "Reflections"

Residing deep within the Persian underground music scene and often better known under his alias, "Alphaxone", Mehdi Saleh takes a more ambient approach to the Spuntic EP included on the Nagual 5 boxed set. "Silent Escape" delivers a rich and expertly crafted sonic experience for the listener designed to accompany those welcome moments of relaxed solitude.


Following on from his inclusion in the Tensegrity Vol.2 compilation, “Laroth”, aka Olivier Thoral, delivers his electro-ambient album debut on TXT in the form of “Reflections”… A conceptual exploration of the inner consciousness, personalities and dissociated identities of the self and the idea that there are no good or bad things, only the experience itself.



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