All India Radio's newest studio album ETERNAL, the follow up to 2018's SPACE, takes a decidedly experimental left turn, venturing into lofi hip hop with elements of progressive rock without losing the dusty ambience that has been there since the 1990s.


Eternal is packaged in a gatefold wallet and features artwork by Peter Knifton which was originally used in a 1980 edition of the legendary Omni magazine

Artwork by Peter Knifton, logo design Adam Carsons / Psybe Industries

All India Radio | Eternal | CD

  • 1. The Hidden One
    2. Moviestar 03:57    
    3. The Edge of Infinity
    4. Immortality Part II
    5. The Shining Darkness 03:56    
    6. Villa of the Mysteries
    7. The Language of Triangles
    8. Prismatism
    9. Balance
    10. End Game
    11. Immortality Part I

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