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About two years ago, the headquarters of Glacial Movements Records was shrouded and immersed in seven ethereal soundclouds that drastically lowered the temperature by several degrees. Rome has never been colder. These sounds come directly from the Cryosphere, and represent the quintessence of the most extreme and coldest isolationism. Little Universe Music is proud to bring you Ark Zead | Niptaktuk | CD, a sonic masterpiece that explores electronic and ambient realms. The chilling compositions perfectly complement our curated selection music, making this CD an essential addition for discerning audiophiles.


It is the deep sidereal void that characterizes the planet's icy expansions. Nothing is known about the artist who composed these sounds. It is all completely shrouded in utter mystery. Only the signature is known: Ark Zead. There is nothing around, no reference sites, no biography and no place of origin. "Niptaktuk" the title of this album, is the first work to be published under this name. However, after several attempts and requests for more information, Alessandro Tedeschi (GM's boss and artistic director) managed to get a very brief comment from the artist:.

"I am a gong and Tibetan singing bowls player, interested in vibes in a very usual way. But I felt inspired when I faced the very hostile cold in Canada. I looked for stories about exploring these lands and the people who live there. I then modified my vibe sounds with computers and synthesizers to describe the state of isolationism you have to reach to enjoy the beauty of the true North."

Everything ties in perfectly with GM's aesthetic. Another key element of this album is the artwork, specially made by Italian artist Lia Bosch, whose art faithfully described Ark Zead's sound. The cover image is mysterious and hermetic. It contains a deep mystery, as much as the music of "Niptaktuk." The six-panel digipack is a balance of colors ranging from gray/black to emerald green. Sleeve by Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek and mastering by sound engineer Matteo Spinazzè Savaris. It is highly recommended to listen to "Niptaktuk" at night, in a quiet environment.

Ark Zead | Niptaktuk | CD

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