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God Body Disconnect has become legendary for his masterful approach to expressing dark personal subject matter. Bruce’s 8th solo album “The Weight of Regression” drags us down to the mysterious, brooding pathways of the innermost self. Based on his experiences in psychiatric hospitals, mental illness, and a chaotic past, Bruce serves us a harrowing story dealing with traumas, regrets, and gnawing thoughts of revenge.

I‘m awakened by the slam of the back doors of an ambulance closing. My first instinct is to sit up, but I soon realize I’m strapped down to a gurney surrounded by two cops and a nurse. After a futile struggle to break loose, the nurse’s needle pokes my arm, pulling me back down to the world of slumber.
I’m suddenly awakened again by the slam of the doors, but now I’m outside. Is it day or night? I’m so disoriented from the sedatives I can’t tell. I’m quickly rolled out onto the pavement as misty tears spray down from the gloomy clouds upon my face. With a crooked, upside down view from the gurney, a large Asylum perched upon a hill comes in my sight. They don’t call them Asylums anymore, now they’re referred to as “Psychiatric Hospitals”, however the use of modern semantics doesn’t provide me any comfort as I enter my new home. Once we pass through the sliding doors, the memories all start to come back. I’ve been here before. I can remember roaming the halls for hours, passing by other glassy eyed patients, and impatiently waiting for our next fix of chemical concoctions. I remember my time in “The Quiet Room”, a dreadful place where they feed you with deafening silence. I’m no stranger to hallucinations, but the things you see and hear in there brand a mark in your mind. You can easily become lost in that tiny room.
I can’t tell if I’m here again because the illnesses have simply become too powerful for me to manage, or the anger and turbulent life I once lived have finally caught up with me. Either way, I’ve regressed, and the weight of trying to hold my life together just became too much again.

For fans of post-rock atmospheres layered in lush sonic textures and the darkest melancholy.


300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel digipak designed by Simon Heath.


Release day June 13th 2023.

God Body Disconnect | The Weight of Regression | CD

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  • 1. Patient Interview #8 - The Rail of Revenge 11:32
    2. Mood Swing Metro 15:58
    3. Dosed and Dreaming 06:42
    4. Shackled by You 10:20
    5. Remnants of a Soldier 11:16
    6. Sometimes it Feels Like Hope 11:32
    7. The Last Stop for Sanity 08:19

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