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Kevin Kendle's "Afterglow" CD offers a gently atmospheric, healing ambient experience, evocative of that magical time just after the sun has set – the ethereal blue gradient sky and the deep orange glow beneath, emanating from below the horizon. This album creates a space in which the mind can drift, providing a soothing escape through sound. As part of the Ambient Healing series, "Afterglow" accompanies the equally transcendent "Insight" and "Aurora" albums. At Little Universe Music, we curate the finest in electronic, ambient, IDM, progressive, and post-rock music. Add "Afterglow" to your collection and immerse yourself in its serene, evocative landscapes.

Kevin Kendle | Afterglow | CD

This CD is a pre order and is expected to arrive by the 19th July.
  • 1. Firelight  
    2. Sunfall 
    3. Twilight   
    4. At Dusk   
    5. Skyglow
    6. Below The Horizon
    7. Strange Light
    8. Afterglow 

    Run time - 60:50

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