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Multicast is back! Remember the heyday of IDM, circa 1995-2005? Well, here at Carpe Sonum we sure do, and we fairly revel in the kind of busybody squelch and phosphorescent electro Multicast has always dabbled in. Collecting choice tracks from across the pre- and post-millennial tensions dogging the edgy aughts, Travelogue is indeed the real deal, both a nifty summation of where Multicast is, was, and where they're headed. Sounding contemporary as all get-out, the beatmusik on display here still astonishes after all these years, every bit as viral, vital, and vivacious as primo Anthony Rother, CiM, Bigeneric, or other similarly coiffed patternistas.

“Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms” works its slo-mo, psilocybin rollercoaster to the max, methodically waxing all kaleidoscopic along its thickening, soupy rhythm, synths simply candy-coated fairydust to be liberally sprinkled about the alienscape. The spit and splatter of “Foehn” is an instant reminder of how important Bob Moog was to electronica inventors worldwide, ‘cuz the razzle-dazzle of those sounds never grow old, bugs forever banging around their bassbins. “La Honda” was recorded live, its boots-stomping-in-the-mud beats and undergrowth crunch undoubtedly holding its enraptured audience completely under its spell. And a track such as “Green Sequence” is a reminder that Multicast knows how to get their chill freak flag on, a drunken swagger across verdant fractals where the fronds of 3D palm trees keep perfect time to the beat. You’re left hypnotized, sated, and satisfied. Boffo

Multicast | Travelogue | CD

  • 1. Spitfire 06:45

    2. Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms 05:58

    3. Pulse 05:33

    4. Equivii (m-tec Remix) 04:27

    5. Calisto (Solar Sailor) 05:49

    6. Foehn (Pitchcadet Remix) 05:32

    7. Laura (Original) 06:34

    8. Green Sequence (Live at Unity Gain 2003) 06:56

    9. La Honda (Live at SinFest 2000) 07:04

    10. Low Rider in Cairo 07:04

    11. Sympathen (Radio Mix) 02:50

    12. Trans Lucent 05:55

    13.Flowers of the Forest

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