Rational and intuitive intelligence,one of four functions of the mind.Faculty of discrimination and wisdom.We are inner observers.

Over 6 hours of Earth music blended into a bubbling stream of fragmented habitats.


released October 31, 2020

Specta Ciera -Wil Bolton -Dimitar Dodovski -Martin Allin_Milieu -Murkok -Futuregrapher - OffLand -Juta Takahashi -Darren McClure -Geoscience -Peace 6 -Daniel Vujanic -MO-DU -D York -Memex -Tunnelwater - Å Asher Yates -Moss Covered Technology -Encym -Natural Life Essence -Moss Garden -Mind over MIDI -Ambidextrous -Drifts In Autumn -Willebrant -The Fold -Michiru Aoyama -Todd Gerber -Clouds Are Learning -Paul Tyrrell -Seva Randeep -Whatsisname -California Storm -Mistachesta -Ecovillage -Moshonsensu - Caldon Glover -Test Season - Daniel Prendville -Drifts In Autumn -Gunnar Jónsson
Collider -Yamaoka -Solipsism -Martin Stuertzer -Tomina Chimes -Gunuph -Ataxy -Gregory Darden -Dave Wesley -Leaf Calligraphy -Milieu

Mixed into a seamless journey over 5 discs by Elektrėn ai

Neotantra Various Artists | tʌntrə x | 5 CD Boxset

  • Disc 1. Dvandva    01:16:50
    Disc 2. Apurva    01:14:15
    Disc 3. Prakritti    01:15:50
    Disc 4. Tanmatra    01:18:05
    Disc 5.  Amrita    01:15:22