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‘The day after Peripheral Vision’
Theory of Communion……………………….

‘Theory of Communion’ is another electronic music offering from Steve Orchard that follows nicely in the same theme as his last album ‘Peripheral Vision’. But on ‘Theory of Communion’, Steve has taken a huge step forward in terms of musical composition and production. Indeed, it may be considered his best album to date!

As well as some excellent synth and vocal/choir textures, Steve adds dense rhythm and bass layers to some very complex arrangements that occasionally hint at Yes, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield while retaining Steve’s inimitable, melodic style. He has also seamlessly integrated his acoustic instruments into the music and the result is a superb and captivating blend of electronic and instrumental prog rock.

‘Theory of Communion’ is a hugely satisfying listen. From gentle drifting tracks like ‘Blended’ and ‘Communion’ to the catchy (reach for the replay button!) ‘Blind Panic’ and the excellent musicianship featured on ‘Exchanges’, Steve has created a superb opus here, deserving of wider attention.

Steve Orchard | Theory of Communion | CDr

SKU: AD194r
  • 1 Affirmation

    2 Denials & Accusations

    3 Touching Planet Earth

    4 Blind Panic

    5 A Token of Trust

    6 Saboteurs

    7 Communion

    8 Blended

    9 Mother Ships

    10 In Orbit

    11 Exchanges

    12 Kindred Species

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