While no stranger to the label as one half of Orphic Signals with Lee Norris, 'Viridian Loops' sees Wil Bolton release his first solo album for TXT

As the nights darken and the winter chill starts to creep in, let this album transport you to the exotic island of Sri Lanka, where Wil's field recordings of his time spent there intertwine with the analogue warmth of looping synths and enigmatic, dreamy melodies.

Wil Bolton | Viridian Loops | CD

  • 1. Dawn Sequence 07:12    
    2. Canopy 06:14    
    3. Woven Geometry 10:55    
    4. Returning Darkness 08:39    
    5. Vale 06:11    
    6. Viridian Loops 05:07

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