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  • Bit Pixel - Are You The One?

    Bits back with a new track, well to be honest its probably one of the oldest songs I have not yet released. Bit of a sister track to Talking Down The Wire yes its that old! Recorded over the past year or so along with a good few other songs. watch this space more will find their way to you soon. Released November 8, 2023 Bit Pixel / Andy Condon © all rights reserved

  • Dr Atmo & Ramin - Sad World - 5 CD Boxset. Pre order for Jan-Feb 2024

    Limited edition hand numbered 5 CD Box of 100 copies. Listening to this you might just as well be crossing the desert at night, cold beneath the stars; at noon, the dust and dry crackling static air resonating with the noise of migrating crickets; at dusk, the final golden beams of sunlight, scattering desert mirages before your eyes. In a sense, every journey is a return to travelled paths, a movement closer to home. This sublime collaboration between ambient maestro Dr. Atmo and the secretive Ramin brings a resonant harvest of electronic noise, a cultural collision between digital atmospherics and a proliferation of traditional instruments. Special Pre Order Price £54.99

  • Massimo Pupillo "Our Forgotten Ancestors" Out today on the Glacial Movements label.

    POP MATTERS: "Massimo Pupillo's Prayer for the survival of the north is a haunting ambient masterpiece." Rating : 9 IGLOO MAG: "A constellation of meticulously crafted ambient sceneries" HEADPHONE COMMUTE: "... stepping away from these frozen territories of the inevitable future and taking a look back at the ancestry of the past..." Buy CD here £14.99

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