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"I’m always wary of leaning too hard on acts that I think sound like Boards of Canada, but the comparison here is undeniable. This album in large parts sounds just like what those Scottish brothers were making in the mid-to-late 1990s, before they went down the road of electronic folk horror and societal collapse. There are similarities in the instrumentation and percussion, for example the warbling horn-like sound used in ‘The Knifonium’, which calls to mind sounds used throughout Twoism. There are also the muted and incoherent vocal samples and wavering tape effects that are hallmarks of BoC’s work. All that said, it’s really quite excellent. I’m not mad at all, because there’s been so little activity from BoC lately - the time between Tomorrow’s Harvest and today is longer than the time between The Campfire Headphase and Tomorrow’s Harvest - that anyone who might sound like them is scratching an itch and filling a void that needs filling. I’ve spent very little of this blurb talking about Raven’s Cottage itself, but I’m particularly charmed by ‘506627’ (featuring the wonderfully named Pandacetamol) and the rumbling darkness of ‘Open Windows’."
Bandcloud Review

Released September 27, 2021

Written and Produced by 4T Thieves
Mastered by Black Particle
Design by KodeTwo


Cover Photography by Robbie Khan - @robbiekhan

All rights reserved

4TThieves | Ravens Cottage | CDr

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