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Drifting in to deep sleep, the night time journeys begin.

Images forming behind closed eyes; shaped and sharpened by the senses. Trespassing upon newly created neural pathways; moving ever deeper inwards, flowing effortlessly over magnetic fields and landscapes. Passages of time, vast and unending open before you. Where past, present and future can be one and the same; co-existing all at the same time or even not at all.

An inner space to do battle with unimaginable foes, mythological beings and walk shoulder to shoulder with Gods. Night after night, the struggles continue, only ending once the dawn breaks. And break it must .....

Upon seeing the Sun-God swallowed whole,
The dead themselves join battle,
Slicing open Apophis' belly,
Allowing the Sun's escape,
And avoiding plunging the world,
Into eternal darkness.

Stefan Voß is a dark ambient producer from Hannover, Germany. He has previously released on Petroglyph Music and more recently he released his 'The Atomic Age' album on the very respectable Essentia Mundi label. He has also self-released two albums 'Echoes From The Past' and 'Beyond The Wall Of Sleep' via his own artist Bandcamp page.

Stefan cites a number of musical influences across many genres including dark ambient, post punk, Berlin school and classic rock artists such as early Pink Floyd. This melting pot of musical influences have culminated in crafting a very unique style of dark ambient production. Winter-Light are extremely happy to welcome 'Argyre Planitia' to their artist roster

Argyre Planitia | Tenth Region Of The Night | CD

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