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The DEEP SKIES LIVE EXPERIENCE Box Set is a fabulous Collector's Edition 4-Disc Set that comprises 2 x video discs (Blu-Ray) plus 2 x audio CDs and a 16-page-booklet, specially written for this set. At this time we will not be stocking the DVD version. 

The video discs contain the COMPLETE Deep Skies Live show, with selected footage taken from four different UK shows including: St George's Church, Bloomsbsury, London; The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury; The National Space Centre, Leicester; Winchester Science Centre.

Also included on video disc 2 are some unique Extras, including various interviews and concert announcements. The never-before-heard intro music from the live show is made available here for the first time.

The ENTIRE Glastonbury concert is included on the 2 x audio CDs. Also included is a special 16-page booklet, written by Kevin Kendle, that tells the complete DEEP SKIES story, with contributions from Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw. Order your copy today! Over four hours of content!

Kevin Kendle | Deep Skies Live Experience | 2 x BluRay, 2 x CD

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