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The replicant society has broken down and all that remains are a few wandering tribes who traverse the dying planet searching for somewhere to call home. They pray to empty gods.

One group places it’s final messages and cultural artefacts into a holographic file but before it can be sent into space a great sandstorm sweeps across their encampment and buries everything. Millenia later another great storm finally blows the sand away from the power panels and the transmitter bursts into brief life. Just long enough to send the following files of music and art......

What began life as session tracks and studio sounds from the Mercury Rising Trilogy, ended up becoming an album of almost entirely new material. Robin Storey takes us on a journey to the outer reaches of a very distant and cold solar system. These intercepted transmissions of audio and visual material, that have bounced around the known universe for millennia, finally allow us a glimpse in to their creators past.

All tracks by Rapoon.
The album has been mastered by Robin Storey.

Rapoon | Call Fires To Cloud | CD

Değerlendirmelere göre beş yıldız üzerinden hesaplanan puan 0.0
Stok kodu: WIN 033
  • 1. Skies close (06:07)
    2. If only … (06:03)
    3. It felt so real (07:43)
    4. High atop a mountain (05:50)
    5. Salvation by a river (06:22)
    6. The dark explores (10:52)
    7. Our past (05:54)
    8. A singing tree (06:46)
    9. One final … (09:28)

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