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  • Argraffiad cyfyngedig finyl oren: Premonition "K" gan Kilby Kennedy - rhywbeth hanfodol i gasglwyr finyl.

    Cychwyn ar daith hynod ddiddorol yn nhrydedd bennod a'r olaf o drioleg glodwiw Steve Kilby a Martin Kennedy. Gan adeiladu ar lwyddiannau Jupiter 13 (2021) a The Strange Life of Persephone Nimbus (2022), mae Premonition K yn ffilm foethus newydd sy'n ymchwilio i'r byd tywyll a dirgel sy'n bodoli rhwng y ffiniau, gan ddatgelu seinwedd organig. bywyd a marwolaeth. Mae'n destament i'w synergedd cerddorol bod yr albwm hwn yn tynnu ysbrydoliaeth o amrywiaeth o ffynonellau, o arlliwiau brawychus toriad olaf Roger Waters i'r dyfnder tywyll a archwiliwyd gan Black Sabbath yn y 1970au cynnar. wedi'i saernïo o lawer o ysbrydoliaeth. Mae hwn yn rhag-archeb a disgwylir iddo gael ei anfon ar Ebrill 26. Cyfyngedig i un eitem y person. Archeb o flaen llaw – CD £11.99 Archeb o flaen llaw – finyl oren £24.99 Cliciwch yma i lawrlwytho'r fersiwn digidol - mae'n debyg k

  • David Wright's new album "The Lost Colony" Arriving May, featuring the Matt Howarth sci-fi novella.

    This enhanced CD contains 68 minutes of new music by David Wright. And it includes the Matt Howarth sci-fi novella ‘The Lost Colony’ available as a pdf file. David Wright’s unique style is perfect for this project because it helps capture the journey so vividly presented by Matt Howarth sci-fi novell. And because the adventure on the desert world is so expertly crafted by Matt Howarth, David Wright’s music is an interpretation not a soundtrack. So we are confident that you will enjoy both, because they work so well together. “A colony ship landed on their target world but find it is not what they were led to expect. So life is a harsh struggle, a seemingly losing battle against the local environment. Because a glimmer of salvation arises, the colonists must overcome fatalism and so fight to support hope of survival”. For more details of Matt Howarth’s works, please visit his website at

  • New Klone album "Alive" on kscope arrives on Double Vinyl and CD on the 11th June.

    French atmospheric rockers Klone have built their name on making music that’s as deeply introspective as it is sonically powerful. Known for their trademark dark guitar tones and epic brooding soundscapes, the band signed with Kscope in 2019 before releasing their first album with the label, Le Grand Voyage, that same year to critical praise. Now, for the first time in the band's career, Klone are releasing a live album. Recorded between two different shows at Sjiwa in Baarlo, The Netherlands in October 2016 and at Moloco in Audincourt, France in November 2019 respectively, Alive captures the true essence of Klone and includes stunning performances of the singles `Yonder' and 'Breach’. Engineered by the band’s live sound engineer Chris Edrich and Mastered by Pierrick Noel, the band describe the moment as “a way to pay tribute to our audience and the people who support us.” As we await live music to return on a large scale, this is a timely reminder of what a superb live band Klone are. Featuring recordings which represent the band’s most popular material whilst giving testimony to the shows recorded during the period between 2015’s Here Comes The Sun and 2020’s Le Grand Voyage. Order CD £12.99 and Double Vinyl £22.99 Released 11th June.

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