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Urban Meditation | 20 Years in Space | Now in stock...

Urban Meditation | 20 Years in Space

In space, no one can hear you meditate. Thankfully there’s the mysterious project called Urban Meditation that’s arrived to tell you that, indeed, you can in fact set your soul alight in the vacuum of the cosmos, provided you’re accompanied by waves of bubbly pulsations, trilling synths, and a chorus of disembodied phantasms to clearly mark the path. Whether or not the mind(s) behind this moniker have chosen their name to honor Mssr. Namlook and his similarly-titled, multi-chapter editions is, frankly, moot—this is surely the stuff expansive, intergalactic journeys are made of, bits and bursts of farflung stardust intermingling with the kinds of bass sequencer passages so beloved of Dreams Tangerine, Schulzian, or otherwise.

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