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...the last transmission from Ishqamatics. Elements 8 CD Boxset. Out Now!!

Ishqamatics | Elements Boxset

Elements represents the total output of Ishqamatics and brings the project to a conclusion as a series of musical works. Elements includes the first 3 albums 'Earthbound, Spacebound and Waterbound and completes the series with 4 totally new albums including Firebound and Airbound. The material included in the box set is not available anywhere else and is unique to Elements. Packaging and design by Nick Edell and masted by Black Particle. Limited edition of 150 boxes but above all brings together an amazing collection of music which will serve the electronica and ambient music lover a lifetime. In total 8 cd's of unique elemental musical experimentation which climbs into the higher elemental landscape and dives deep into the imagination of the composers. Elements can be viewed as a map of innerspace and as with so many great musical works a world of its very own.

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