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Argyre Planitia - The Great Dark Spot. Upcoming release on the Winter-Light label.

Releases 11th November 2022!

A welcome return to our Winter-Light label for 'Argyre Planitia' with his latest sonic offering, 'The Great Dark Spot'.

Patiently delivered tracks offer up rich bass tones, lamenting drones, icy pads and intricate, atmospheric percussion. All the elements blended together to guide the listener to the farthest reaches of our Solar System.

'Circling the last icy moons of the giant gas planets, orbital energy and angular momentum propels us onwards. The Great Dark Spot opens up before us, engulfing our view with its immense presence. A sudden surge of storm laden static, pulses and cosmic interference courses through the ships systems. The onboard computers convert the mass of data into sound, as we listen intently to the tropospheric transmissions …….’

'Argyre Planitia' is the project of Stefan Voß; a dark ambient producer from Hannover, Germany.

Stefan cites a number of musical influences across many genres including dark ambient, post punk, Berlin school and classic rock artists such as early Pink Floyd. This melting pot of musical influences have culminated in crafting a very unique style of dark ambient production.



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