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Infinite Ambient Sampler 2023 by Jeff Pearce

Here's a video sampler of the Infinite Ambient Listening Experiences that are available at the Infinite Ambient® website ( The listening Experiences on the site are perfect for sleep, meditation, relaxation- or anything where you need to slow down time for a while. Because of the specialized coding, any listening Experience can last as long as you wish, with no sudden stops or jarring transitions.

There are two kinds of listening Experiences on the iA site:

The first is the Infinite Ambient Listening Experience. They are powered by a random number generator that selects from many phrases of music that I've pre-recorded. And because of the random number generator, you'll never hear the same program of music twice. In this video, those are Afternoon, Clouds, Night, and Winter.

Also on the site are Infinite Ambient Mixes, where I take a previously released song of mine, and remix it for infinite listening. In this video, the Infinite Mix samples are Hidden Shores, Empty Beach, Rainpath, and Slowly Falling.

When you visit the site, please feel free to download the (free!) iOS or Android app, and take Infinite Ambient® with you wherever you go. And if you sign up for my mailing list, you'll be the first to know when new Listening Experiences are available! - Jeff Pearce



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