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Kilbey Kennedy "Jupiter 13" now on orange splatter double vinyl. Pre order here. £32.99

Double splatter vinyl / 300 copies only worldwide.


"The Kilbey Kennedy collaboration between the church’s Steve Kilbey and All India Radio’s Martin Kennedy has yielded many wonderful tracks over the years. They return after four years with an album that comes wrapped in psychedelic prog references and takes us on epic interstellar adventures. This album shimmers with a strange beauty that’s accentuated by dark and haunting undercurrents" -

"Compelling and conceptual odyssey into the vastness of deep-space sci-fi ambience, drifting along on lush synths diffusion, ponderous strings, and rippling acoustic guitar, and also vibrantly blazing away frequently with scintillating alt-rock guitar riffs" - The Big Takeover



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