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New album from BUNKR "The Initiation Well" on Numbered Limited edition Double Transparent Vinyl.

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Nobody quite knows the purpose of the mysterious Initiation Well but one thing is for certain, a universe of swirling analogue synths, arpeggiations and hypnotic ambient and electronic textures awaits. As BUNKR himself puts it, “this album provides the listener with an intrepid exploration of the BUNKR sound world. It’s melodic, pretty atmospheric and a little bit woozy.”   Operating somewhere east of Eden on the hazy peripherals of ‘dance’ music BUNKR enslaves dust-coated synthesizers, dilapidated drum machines and rusted FX boxes to craft 4/4 tunes for his impatient overlords. Utilizing the familiar concepts and components of techno, electronica and ambient, BUNKR goes about his business sculpting a unique hybrid designed for headphones and discotheques alike.



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