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New in on the Winter-Light label in the Netherlands. RNGMNN "False Dawn: Falsified", CD & Ltd Ed CD

False Dawn: Falsified is the acclaimed remix album from RNGMNN and collaborators. This special release marks the 50th release on the Winter-Light label, and features 8 tracks that have been reinterpreted from RNGMNN’s False Dawn. This diverse collection showcases the original work in a fresh and captivating way, pushing the boundaries of dark ambient music. Pick up this album and experience the world of RNGMNN like never before.

False Dawn: Falsified features remixes by:

Line Spectrum | Sielwolf & Nam-Khar | Sysselmann | Gydja | Tineidae | Gdanian | Onasander | argyre planitia

All tracks have been mastered by Robin Storey, a legend in his own right.

CD £13.99 Limited CD Edition £19.99



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