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New release by Sysselmann | Ritual Of The Aurora Noir due in early September

The next release on Winter-Light warmly welcomes Norwegian artist 'Sysselmann' to the label, with the release of his latest venture into darker realms, 'Ritual Of The Aurora Noir' E.P. This is Sysselmann's third release to date, having previously brought out 'The Northern Chronicles' and 'Live at Mir' on the Norwegian label, Tipi Token Records.

The Sysselmann project was born on a tiny island, in the north of Norway, after experiencing 7 severe winter storms, in as many days. He describes his debut album 'The Northern Chronicles', as being '...a tribute to the collective consciousness of the northern parts of Norway..... A celebration of the magical coastal landscape and those who came before us."

A celebration of those who came before us..... Music with it's roots so deeply embedded in the history of his own land, that it gives rise once again to the myths and legends of the ancients. A modern ode to the might and power

of the land of the Norse men and women.

On 'Ritual Of The Aurora Noir' we are treated to the full arsenal of Sysselmann's audio armoury. From the first mountain-shaking horn blast to the heavy rhythmic thunder of crashing drums. Through throat singing, the serpent-like coiling of warm drones and the heart felt synth stabs that conjure up and offer a glimpse in to the past. A window into another time and age, long since past but never to be forgotten.

Sysselmann has always been true to the meditative sound, using his field recordings as a major tool in his work. Nowadays, he employs more organic field recordings and uses these in combination with acoustic instruments. Sysselmann's magical live performances are accompanied by an array of hand made pipes and horns, which he also uses to effect in the studio.



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